Reality TV: Tabatha and the Modern Workplace

Sick of carefully worded performance improvement plans? Sick of tiptoeing around the boss’s inadequacies? Sick of worrying about everyone’s sensitivities? 

Then check out “Tabatha’s Salon Takeover” on Bravo TV.  (If you find reality shows unbearable, stop here.)  Tabatha is a very successful hair dresser and business woman who’s invited to do make overs of dysfunctional, failing hair salons.  Yes, hair salons. 

Other than the schadenfreude of seeing workplaces gone really really bad, what’s enjoyable about the show is Tabatha’s brutal honesty.  When she points out to the weak boss that the salon manager is fixing her own hair while a customer waits and the boss says, “I can’t be a dictator,” she gives him a look that could kill.  She tells the staff that their work is “unacceptable,” and while their skills are “OK,” they’re “lazy.”  When they complain about their horrible boss, she acknowledges he is, but tells them they need to stop whining, step up, and start taking responsibility for the solution. 

Tabatha also uses language that can’t be reprinted in a polite blog. And takes a sledgehammer to bad décor.  Among other things. 

It’s reality TV, but nothing that could (or should) happen in the real world on any regular basis.  That being said, it’s really fun TV for those of us  who daily help others to navigate – politely, sensitively, and legally – the world of work. And perhaps a little more frankness would help? ~AS

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