Considering Staff Meetings? Read This!

The Problem: The new year is coming up fast, and you’d like to make a new start with your staff by holding regular, productive staff meetings.  You’ve had meetings sporadically in the past; you believe that holding them regularly will allow you to update your staff on what’s going on, and to get their input.  You could also use them to create better teamwork by working out process and other bugs.  And there must be lots of other reasons to have staff meetings too, since just about everyone has them!

What to do? If your staff has to work together to get things done, regular staff meetings with written agendas and clear outcomes will propel the team to a higher level of work quality.  So, first of all – define the purpose of your meetings – and, since gathering people together in one place is always quite expensive, make sure you’re doing things in the meeting that can not be done without a  meeting.  What that means is that you should not use the meetings for sharing routine information or giving updates – do that in writing before the meeting and expect all team members to have read the information before the come.  Then, use the meetings to explore complex information and answer questions.  Note: if you find that team members have not prepared by reading the material DO NOT go over it in the meeting to catch them up – that will simply reinforce the fact that they need not prepare.  Move on, working with those people who did come prepared.  More on effective staff meetings next time…

Meanwhile, let us know what works best about your staff meetings – or what doesn’t work at all!  ~ DS

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