2011 Workplace Intentions

Since this is the beginning of a new year, I’ve been thinking about some personal plans and changes I want to make in the way I approach things.  All this thinking also inspired me to suggest the following 2011 Workplace Intentions (rather than resolutions – less onerous, so perhaps more doable) as goals for this great new year.  I intend to use them for my business, and thought you might want to consider them too: 

  1. Ensure that your focus is always on your mission.
  2. Post your values, and run things according to those values (check out  www.emeraldheights.com for a great example of this).
  3. Honor your commitments to customers/clients and employees.
  4. Deal with employee issues fairly, promptly and effectively the first time they come up.
  5. Create a positive, creative and fun workplace.  You’ll want to give more, and so will your employees.
  6. Promote trust with employees through openness, authenticity and fairness.
  7. Clearly state expectations and goals for employees, and follow up to ensure they’re being met.
  8. Admit mistakes.  Apologize for harm done.  Do better next time.
  9. Treat others as they wish to be treated – not as you wish to be treated.  Follow the Platinum Rule, www.platinumrule.com .
  10. Before making a business decision, think how it would sound at the top of the news hour.   

Look like a lot to take on?  Concentrate on one intention each month: tell your employees that’s what you’re doing and make it a focus of your leadership for the month.

What are your 2011 Workplace Intentions?  Share them with us, and have a great 2011!  ~ Daphne Schneider

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