Meet the Insiders

The Workplace Insiders are Amy Stephson and Daphne Schneider of Seattle, Washington.  Together, they have conducted over 525 workplace investigations, trained thousands of employees, and consulted for a wide variety of employers in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors.  Both are certified users of the “Conflict Dynamics Profile” by the Center for Conflict Dynamics.

Amy and Daphne can be retained as a team or individually to help employers with problems ranging from serious sexual harassment or discrimination to a workplace that just can’t seem to graduate from junior high.  Working closely with clients, they assess the problems, develop an action plan, and implement responses including mediation, coaching, team development, organizational changes, and training. Please contact  one or both of us for additional information.

Amy Stephson

Amy Stephson is an attorney who also serves as an employment coach, trainer, and consultant. She has 30+ years of legal and consulting experience spanning government service, public interest advocacy, private practice, and teaching. For the last 18 years, her main focus has been in the area of employment. In that capacity she has conducted over 275 workplace investigations and has counseled numerous employers and employees in both the public and private sectors. She is an experienced trainer and presenter on work related issues. She is also certified as an Certified Professinal Coach by the International Coach Federation and does workplace coaching for executives, managers, other employees, and small business owners. Visit Amy’s website or contact her at (206) 223-7215 or amyATamystephsonDOTcom.


Daphne Schneider

Daphne Schneider brings over thirty years of leadership and human resource experience and expertise to her clients.  As a senior HR manager and operations division director in a variety of settings, she has won enthusiastic support from all levels of staff and management.  Her work has taken her into settings as diverse as nursing education and construction, school health care and corrections.

With a Master of Science degree in Organization Development, Daphne has served as adjunct professor with Seattle Pacific University and Western Washington University, and has consulted on numerous projects with a wide variety of public, private and non-profit organizations.  As a mediator and a certified user of the Conflict Dynamics Profile she works with staff on team, communication and conflict issues and helps organizations with change efforts, planning processes, meetings and retreats.  She is also a licensed private investigator, and has applied these skills in investigating workplace complaints brought by nursing and other personnel.

Daphne brings her clients human resources, management, leadership and consulting experience as well as analytical skills, compassion and expertise to help them work through the toughest challenges that people bring to the workplace.  Visit Daphne’s website or contact her at (206) 922-3961 or daphneschneiderATcomcastDOTnet.


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